Our Approach

"....for My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples."


We welcome all who would serve and worship the True and the Living God. We acknowledge that the Israelites of the Old Testament were a nationality and we consider ourselves descendants of that lineage. However, TMH never intended for His Law to be a secret. He never intended for this law to be hidden. It is to be taught, so we teach it. It is to be cherished, so we cherish it. And, it is to be shared, and so we intend to share this Light and this Love with all who would listen.

Our Story

B'nai Adath Kol Beth Yisrael, established in 1954, is an Israelite Temple based in Brooklyn, NY. We are an extension of the community that Rabbi Matthews started in 1919. For a more in-depth history, please click here.

Our Tragedy

Unfortunately, our building succumbed to a fire in November of 2017. The building is currently condemned and we are unable to use our home for services, or fundraisers or any community events. We're currently in the process of raising funds to rebuild our temple and by the grace of God, we will return soon.

Meet Us


Naftali Israel

Spiritual Leader


Baruch Yehudah



Yadiel Ben-Levi