This We Believe

We Believe that there is a Creator. He is the Creator and ruler of everything on Heaven and Earth.

We Believe that we will never fully understand the Creator, only what He has revealed to us.

We Believe that the Creator is NOT a man, nor anything terrestrial in origin. He is the Eternal, the Timeless God. There are no images, artwork or sculptures of him. His Nature is incomprehensible to us.

We Believe in the worship of God Alone. There are no intermediaries or replacements, we direct our praise and worship to the Eternal.

We Believe that we are the chosen of God, not better than any other people. Our mandate is to bring God’s Truth to this world and share it with our fellow man.

We Believe in the equality of all, under God’s Law. His Law provides, protects and shields all. Regardless of their gender or age.

We Believe that the Torah is a fantastic blueprint for our lives. And, it offers guidance in most areas of our lives.

We Believe that faith is a necessary part of anyone’s existence. That faith in the Eternal God strengthens and benefits us.