Aftermath: Aerial View
Aftermath: Sanctuary
Aftermath: Ground View

 To maintain the roof, B’nai Adath engaged a contractor to do, what we thought was, minor repair work.  Unfortunately, as a direct result of the contractor’s actions, and notwithstanding the heroic efforts of over 100 members of the Fire Department of New York, on November 14 2017, our Synagogue suffered a fire so devastating that we are unable to currently use or even enter the building. 

 Thankfully no one was killed in the fire, only two firefighters received minor injuries and our Torahs were saved. [HYPERLINK]

 But we cannot enjoy services within the building, we cannot sing or drum in the building, we cannot meet in the building, we cannot even enter the building.  Accordingly, we do not currently have a location where we can hold regular services and meet as a congregation celebrating the many days of the Hebrew calendar together. When we do get together, it is frequently as guests of another Israelite congregation or in a location that is generally used for non-religious community gatherings. Our calendar reflects where we expect to join together and should be regularly checked for updates so that you can come and visit with us.