On November 14th, 2017, tragedy struck B'nai Adath Kol Beth Yisrael Inc. Our beloved temple caught fire. Much of the roof was damaged, the sanctuary is in ruins, there are holes in our building and debris is strewn all over the pews. 

     We at B'nai Adath are sure that we know how our ancestors felt on Tisha B'Av. Our temple has been destroyed. But immediately, G-d refocused our thoughts to Channukah and the rededication of the temple as it approaches next month. We will rebuild ... we will restore!

     B'nai Adath Needs Your Assistance! This journey began in May of 1954 and it will not end on November 14th. 

     The damage to the building is extensive but things happen according to the CREATOR'S plan. Instead of accepting defeat, we are looking forward to the bright future that will rise from this tragedy. Rather, it's the first day in the new chapter for B'nai Adath Kol Beth Yisrael Inc. Please help us get into our by Passover 2018 that we may rejoice in the season of our birth as a nation.

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"Hear O Israel, The Lord our God, The Lord is one."